The Process

Depending on the job, it can take 2-4 days

Day one- clean and prep the surface

Day two- lay the cement and hand carve the design of choice

Day three- stain the surface with up to four colors of your choice

Day four- seal the surface with a solvent base clear sealer

SFD offers a variety of patterns, textures, stone designs and over 1300 colors to choose from. Best of all, the workmanship is backed up by a three year warranty. Spf strives to provide excellent quality workmanship and satisfy every customer's requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. What kind of warranty do you give?
Answer: We give a three year warranty on the workmanship with the exception of a one year warranty to disguise any new cracks that may come up and any touch ups that may be needed.

Question 2. What do you do with the existing cracks?
Answer: We incorporate a grout line over the existing cracks and create the stone designs around the cracks in order to disguise them. We do not cover the cracks because they will come back if that is done.

Question 3.  Can I choose any design I want?
Answer: We have various designs to choose from or we can customize one for you.

Question 4.  Do I need to maintain the overlay in any way?
Answer: Yes, For general cleaning, use low-pressure water or scrub the surface with a mild detergent. Special Care Requirements:Some overlays are  recommend resealing outdoor surfaces annually, depending on the amount of traffic they receive and whether they are exposed to freeze-thaw conditions.

Question 5. What colors can I choose?
Answer: We have over 1300 colors to choose from.

Question 6. How thick is the overlay?
Answer: The overlay is about 1/4" thick.

Question 7. How long does the overlay take to do?
Answer: It is a 2-3 day process as long as the weather permits

Question 8. How long do I have to wait before I can walk on the surface?
Answer: You can walk on the 24 hours after it has been sealed. We recommend to wait 48 hours before driving on it or putting any furniture on it.

Question 9. Can you provide reference that I can go look at?
Answer: Yes. we can provide physical references in or around your area.

Question 10. What if my surface is painted, can you go over it?
Answer: We recommend to grind the surface whenever it has another product such as paint, or anything other than concrete.

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